artistic & scientific gathering

The theme of the 2023 International Artistic and Scientific Conference on Arts and Creativity in Education is 'ARTFULNESS'. It will take place in Opatija, Croatia on the 1st and 2nd of September. The conference theme of 'ARTFULNESS'offers a unique opportunity to share heterogeneous content from different fields of artistic creation (dance, music, fine and dramatic arts, literature and new media), from global policy to local action, from individual subjects to transdisciplinary learning. We tend to gather a wide international community of artists, scientists, professors, teachers, educators, pedagogues, postgraduate doctorate and specialization students and other academic citizens with a goal to exchange and generate new creative ideas, to present scientific and artistic projects, to exchange knowledge about new approaches and innovations in the fields of arts and education and to establish cooperation.

'Artfulness' is a term derived from artful and mindfulness and its purpose is to promote artistic expression in education as well as in the daily practices of humans and communities. The principles of 'artfulness' are sourced from artists and their creative process because its primordial nature enables a person to be fully focused, present and aware.The goal of 'artfulness' is to stimulate the inner work of our emotional, physical and mental processes through artistic expression and to catalyze art in reconceptualizing education.

According to Alex J. Calder in a recent article entitled 'Artfulness: Intertextuality, wordplay and precariousness in contemporary experimental fiction', published in the journal Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, artfulness provides a new perspective on contemporary aesthetics. Artful writers and their writing advance a new genre which explores the complexities of human connection and has the potential to reorient discussions that build new bridges across the arts, creativities and educations.

The conference program will consist of sections:

1.. Practising 'artfulness' in educational institutions

2. Enacting critical posthumanist perspectives for re-purposing education

3. Accepting/acknowledging street art and exploring the hidden spaces of the community

4. Rethinking trauma as a challenge and a path to creativity

5. Reconceptualizing childhood within museum spaces, concert halls and theaters

6. Advancing digital technologies as partner in artistic practice

7. Reconfiguring education for artistic literacy